Thursday, 8 March 2012

Collage and drypoint landscapes

Here are two more collages, the first is quite large, the second from the other day spills into  the mount which became part of the collage too.

At my printmaking class we compared our drypoint prints using black ink on white paper and then warm black ink on cream paper. The same image has a different feel to it - the black has a darker atmosphere, whilst the warm black on cream has a friendlier quality.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Reclining hillside - 1st March 2012

This was a little dry point printmaking experiment of one of my favourite life drawing figures - a woman reclining, that turned into a collage as I played about with the hill shapes of her curves. I love the mix of the landscape and figure.

My other collage also got a bit colourful, but I like the playfulness of this style. Have a look at my old collages from a couple of years ago and see what I have been remembering a lot lately. Dec_2009 Collage from Italy

They have an intensity that I lack at some point during the English winters, when the colours are so grey and subdued, it's a real incentive to turn to an alternative medium to explore favourite images and shapes with brighter colour. I've used a combination of collage and printmaking as a basis to work on images from my sketchbooks.

Also, on another note, a big thanks to those that turned up to my Private view on Friday evening (i.e. my very supportive family!)